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After 35 years at 44 Chapel Street it was time for a change to a web based operation and to offer guidance based on many years of practical experience.



130w propagation light kit

130 watt high output flourescent lamp with lightweight reflector, lead and plug. Grow roots fast!

130 watt high output fluorescent lamp with lightweight reflector. These kits do not requie a ballast. The output is very high compared to other fluorescent lights and very little heat is produced. Used by serious gardeners who need to grow roots quickly. The usual inverse square law applies for these lights. If you double the distance between the light source and the plant leaves then you halve the amount of light that actually reaches the leaves. This type of light source produces very little heat so one can minimise the distance between light and plant leaf without cooking the leaves.

The light comes as a kit - 130 watt compact flourescent globe, box type reflector with socket and electrical three pin plug and three pin electrical to three pin power adaptor for use with normal 10 amp powerpoints.