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I've bought seedlings and want to grow hydroponically ?

You will need the following

  1. A container, old plant pot, plastic ice-cream container, in fact almost anything that is not metal.

  2. A medium for the plants to grow in. Perlite, clay balls, coarse washed river gravel or versarock. The medium should not contain any organic bits & pieces.

  3. A balanced hydroponic nutrient solution.

And of course some seeds and plants.

One of the easiest methods of starting is to take a standard plastic garden pot of 10 or 15 centimeters ( 4 to 6 inches ) and sit it in a plastic saucer or old ice-cream container. Wash the medium to be used and then put it in the pot. Plant the seed in the medium at a depth equal to twice the diameter of the seed. Water daily with rain water or spring water and keep a little water in the saucer.

Keep the pot in a sunny warm position. When the seed has germinated and the seedling is 10 days old start addding the balanced hydroponic nutrient to the water you put on the medium. Use the nutrient at half strength for a week and then gradually increase to full strength over the next week. Make sure that there is always a little liquid in the saucer to keep the medium damp.

If you buy a punnet of seedlings from a plant nursery they can be converted to hydroponics as follows. You will need two containers each three times larger than the punnet of seedlings.

  1. Put warm water in both containers and put the punnet in the first container

  2. Gently ease the seedlings out of the punnet by pushing up on the underside of the punnet. Use fingers and thumb to knead soil so seedlings separate from each other.

  3. Place seedlings still with some soil attached to their roots into the second container.

  4. Continue to soak and gently knead soil to remove from roots. Wash out first container and refill with warm water. Transfer seedlings to the first container and continue to remove as much soil as possible - if necessary by repeating the move to cleaner warm water.

  5. When most of the soil is removed place the hydroponic pot half filled with medium in one of the washing containers, add water until the lip of the pot is just under water. Gently hold the seedling in the middle of the pot whilst you add more medium to settle the roots into position. When the pot is full of medium lift the pot out of the water and stand it in a saucer.

  6. Keep the young plant warm but out of direct sunlight for a few days and feed half strength nutrient making sure that the medium is kept damp at all times. After about a week you should be able to increase the nutrient to full strength over a few days and move the plant to your chosen location.