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How can I set up a simple back-up to allow for a power failure ?

The one thing that will save a tank full of aquatic animals when the power goes off is injecting oxygen into the water.

Remember that in water 100 percent oxygen saturation is about 10 milligrams of oxygen per litre of water - compare this to air which contains nearly 20% oxygen. In most commercially stocked systems if the power goes off for 15 minutes it is likely that some of the animals will start expiring.

An oxygen bottle with a regulator and flow meter connected to airstones or diffusers in the tanks can be set to deliver the oxygen only when the electic power goes off. A special solenoid valve in the line is normally kept closed whilst electic power is on. If the power goes off the solenoid valve opens and oxygen leaves the oxygen tank and starts bubbling throuth the airstones or diffusers. When the power comes on again the solenoid is held closed and the oxygen flow stops.