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After 35 years at 44 Chapel Street it was time for a change to a web based operation and to offer guidance based on many years of practical experience.



How big will my operation have to be so that it can support me?

Depends upon the minimum income you require. Most aquaculture operations require a 24 hour a day committment and for seven days a week. Generally mains electric power is required and you will need a backup generator. The food cost for the aquatic animals will be a major cost, then electricity, depreciation, fingerlings or seed stock. If you work on an average price of $ 10.00 per kilogram for what you produce you will need to produce 15 tonnes per year to gross $ 150,000 - with no accidents or foul-ups you might get $ 15,000 for your efforts after all costs have been deducted. (not much for being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week)